Penitentiary Protection Department

Long time volunteer Mrs Elizabeth Mirska and her’s charger recidivist offender left by years in prison. He had the opportunity to study, moved up from the drug addict without any Primary School to Master of Resocialization, certified Addiction Therapist. He gave everyone the best example of what can make the comprehensive care over the prisoner, does not end care after leaving prison.

“The Good Thief “- Kazimierz Pawlowski was among us. He is living as a proof of the Gospel parable of “The Lost Sheep Restored ” say like God is looking for every human being.

Years ago in a shop windows in Swinoujscie hang on portraits of Kazimierz with attached a notice: ” Attention Thief, do not service calling the Police!”. Today he is a artist, Kazimierz paints himself not just only portraits. Because of conversion his has been endowed with talent by God’s grace painting pictures, which are exhibited in many countries around the world.

During the guests break, we visited the exhibition organized by Kazimierz
called “Sacred Surrealism”, which reflects richness of the artist’s soul.

Psychological profile of a leaving person from Prison
determined on the basis conducted a research by Master Przemysław Gorzelak.

Forms of the social environment and activities was presented by Waldemar Dabrowski – The President and at the same time the Therapist, as an example start up since fourth year running The Association for Prevention and Resocialization “Matthew” in Torun.

At “Matthew” lives about 10 former prisoners, day after day they thanks thecharismatic boss regain a sense of humanity and once lost family ties.

Ex-curator occupational Mrs. Janina Wozniak a lecture “Institutional and Social Penitentiary Protection” showed us how much more is there to be done.

Jacek Beszczyńskiego is a guitarist who made wonderful concert guitars. That was the last point of the meeting and facilitated all wide reflection on their lives and others.

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