The Jubilee Congress of Prisoners Fellowship

Zjazd 2013 534In 2013 Prisoners Fellowship celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its activity.

On the 27th and 28th of April the Jubilee Congress took place.

Our Association is of importance in spreading teaching of the Church in prisons. The consecration of the flag of Prisoners Fellowship begun debates of the Congress. This act was performed by the founder of our Association, priest infulat Jan Sikorski. A woman prisoner made this flag.

The basic part of the Congress activity of the voluntary service was presented by the chief chapelain, priest prelate, doctor Paweł Wojtas.

Master Przemysław Gorzelak delivered the lecture: “Person’s task of a man worhy of trust and the rules of formation of the right ties with prisoners”.

The Holy Eucharist was said by priests chapelains.

Tim Guerard was the guest of the Congress. The film presented him and several hours\ conference were a touching evidence for everyone and fruitful lesson of psychology of injuries and rejection that is the source of criminalgene attitudes.

“Tim Guerard in Poland” (the first part)

“Tim Guerard in Poland” (the second part)

Life of Tim Guerard is shocking. First of all in his childhood he experienced a hugeness of suffering. Then Tim experienced a huge God’s Charity. Owing this grace Tim was able to testify to God’s charity.

At presentTim Guerard is fourty, married, has four children. In his book, the authobiography under the title “Sronger than hatred” Tim states God has got a cure for the greatest wounds of human’s ondition misery.

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