Bydgoszcz: The prayer of prisoners at the hour of God’s Charity

The prisoners and former prisoners, their families, the functionaries of PrisonManagement, the representatives of the authority, the students of social service, met on Sunday of God’s Charity in the Basilica Minor of Saint a Paulo. Everyone of them took part at the hour of God’s Charity.

Jezu Ufam TobieThe prisoners from different jails prayed for graces for themselves and the whole world. They said the chaplet of God’s Charity. Then the fragments of Mistic Journal of Saint Sister Faustina were recited.

The President of Region Kujawsko-Pomorski of Prison Fellowship, Anna Stranz said that common presence at this meeting is a gift of our Lord. She reminded that Polish bishops established the Day of Prayers for Prisoners. This year it took place for the fourth time, on the 26th of March. In 2013 the date was changed because of the liturgy.

The president, Anna Stranz stated the Day of Prayers for Prisoners fructified a big national prayer for people, who are often called rejected and crossed out. -Jesus in the Gospel teaches us these people can outstrip on a journey to Heaven’s Kingdom.-The prayer opens the hearts of prisoners. They change their lives. The attitudes of functionaries change too. Our beautiful ceremony proved the power of God’s Charity. The words of Our Lord that the bigger sinner, the bigger law to God’s Charity.

The most important event of our meeting was the Holy Mass, said by chapelain, priest Andrzej Rybka. He belongs to the Community of Priests Missionaries of Saint a Paulo. During the sermon he stated the biggest joy takes place, when more and more prisoners go to confession and receive Holy Communion.

In the Basilica Minor the faithful could listen to numerous testimonies of conversions, one of them, testimony of Agnieszka Kuleszo from Warsaw. She was a model, set free by God’s Charity. She wasn’t sentenced but came entangled in the prison of sins. Agnieszka said God’s Charity is endless. -Its enormity is so huge. Everyone can profit from it in spite of numerous sins, abandonment God. He comes and gives us strength. I was raised by Him. I want to say everyone stands a chance to experience enormity of God’s love. I got lost in my life to experience affairs and at length to understand everything in God’s perspective.

The representatives of Social Council of restoration of prisoners to right attitudes on behalf of Authority Kujawsko – Pomorski Voivodeship and the concert of Jacek Beszczyński – singer from Toruń, added splendour to our ceremony.

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